Building digital real estates for sustainable cash flows

Every person should own a digital real estate. If you don’t have any yet, my mission is to make sure you create at least one. Generally overlooked by the mainstream, they offer scalable opportunities which traditional properties are never able to.

About Digital Real Estates

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Our generation’s gold mine

Here you get an insight into everything related to building and managing digital real estates for the long term. You get to learn about ups and downs through my journey.


I give you the information you need to decide what’s important when building your digital real estate. Let’s take a look at the tools, the technologies and the infrastructure.


Creating income sources means you will need to treat the commercial activity like a business with the aim to profit. Dive into topics such as strategy, communication, branding or investment.


This piece lays the foundation for your success. Knowing what to do alone is insufficient if your mind isn’t ready for it. You will never know what you don’t know.

About Grace Teo

Grace is co-founder and CEO at Gatemill where she manages digital real estates for various niches and audiences.

With over 10 years of experience in running internet businesses, she is helping and inspiring other entrepreneurs with actionable steps to achieve organic growth and to create sustainable cash flow streams.

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Grace Teo

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