Hi! I’m Grace.

My dream as a young girl was always to be in the corporate world. Strutting through the office in my high heels and the laptop in my hands. Well, my dream came true. That was exactly what I did in my 20s. My career in IT Security in the financial services sector began in Malaysia with PricewaterhouseCoopers. I continued in Germany for the next 7 years at Ernst & Young and Deutsche Bank, working with teams from around the globe.

After achieving the career of my dreams and learning how to speak German fluently, I wondered if there was more to life.

Combining my expertise in the digital world and everything I’ve learned in corporate, I managed to carve out my new path. That is building and managing wonderful internet businesses at Gatemill.

I look at things in processes. It comes naturally to me as I find joy in optimizing, automating and simplifying whenever possible.

What can you find here?

You will get the step by step tips to branding, building and growing your internet business, mindset changes and everything you need to know to make it a sustainable income. The transition from the corporate lifestyle was not easy for me. I just didn’t know what I didn’t know.

I want my mistakes and successes to be beneficial to others. Everyone should have their own earning power which is independent from their day job or a contract controlled by others. This is why I strongly believe that everyone should have at least one internet business which revolves around their strength.

My first internet business helped to retire my husband and I from our day jobs. It gave me opportunities and showed me a life I’ve never thought possible. If you know me personally, you know that I love to talk about building internet businesses and everything around it non-stop. Why not do this over the internet, my second home?


Grace Teo
Founder of Gatemill